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At Free Vibrationz we represent freedom and self empowerment, not just in fashion but in our everyday lives as well. 


We’ve all been on social media and seen the countless posts about health, why this program is the best and why you need to do it now. When the truth is, there is no miracle program or tea. There are many ways to achieve health and happiness in your life, you just have to find out what is right for you.    


One main obstacle I found in my journey towards a healthy lifestyle (and trust me, I’m still on that journey... Coffee is life!) was trying to get in shape for the wrong reasons. Whether it was for an upcoming vacation or for a special event, it was always  for someone or something to look good. Sure, I could lose a quick 5 in preparation for spring break, but the week after, I would put it right back on because my intentions were never about HEALTH.


Then one day I decided I was ready for a true change. I started thinking about my future,  how I wanted to treat myself better and how I wanted to do it for ME. When this decision was made, everything just became easier. I started giving myself the nutrients it deserves and the cravings for all of the bad stuff mostly seemed to disappear. Sure, I still splurge every now and then, but its about balance, not being perfect. 


Throughout this journey I have been learning that a healthy lifestyle isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. There is no rush to start your journey if you aren’t ready. When you are ready, maybe you want to start out slowly by cutting out sodas, breads, and sweets while making a conscious effort to drinking more water. Small changes like this can make a huge difference and are easy ways for you to start seeing improvements and building a better foundation. 


I am looking forward to experiencing this new journey and hope you are too! When you’re ready...


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