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  • The Madness Behind The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

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    For anyone claiming that The Kardashian/Jenner family has no talent, they CLEARLY have not paid attention to their knack for entrepreneurism. From fashion lines, to cosmetics, this family is much more than beauty, trend-setters, and reality television personalities. These girls have brains and an incredible knack for creating new and profitable business’ at just the right time.


    Through hundreds of selfies and thousands of snap chats Kylie Jenner, also known as KING Kylie, has managed to create an international madness revolving all around her lips!! Selling over 250,000 cosmetic products in less than an hour Kylie continues to release her products week after week, each week selling out and releasing more than she did before.



    Kylie Jenner held her head high with the controversy over her lip injections at such a young age, and she turned that controversy into a million dollar business. You Go Girl! There isn’t anyone else that could have pulled off such a profitable explosion in an oversaturated market like this eighteen year old, young entrepreneur did. It raises the question however, how long can the madness last? Well in our opinion, this might be a fad that just might not fade. Every girl needs a go-to lip stick. Kylie’s all in one lip kit, not only has an amazing weightless formula, but it is complete with a lasting matte lipstick AND a lip liner, plus it is only $29.00, and compared to competition that is an amazing price for both items! With this quality and price, when her customers run out, they are just going to continue to re-stock and order more!




    This madness isn’t going anywhere. Eight lip kit colors, three different glosses, and three metal mattes; Kylie continues to sell out and destroy the competition with just a click of a button each time she releases her products. With over 3 million fans on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, Kylie’s fan base continues to rise week after week as word spreads that her Lip Kits really are, ALL THAT. If you are one of the millions of girls trying to get her hands on her amazing products, her release dates are on her APP, but for now her next release (of all eight matte lip-kits) is TODAY, April 28th, at 1:22 p.m (Pacific Standard Time). Don’t worry, we got you!


    A year ago, Kylie confessed to being insecure about talking about her lips, but my how things have changed for this young lady! With a girl boss attitude, and self empowerment of being true to herself, Kylie Jenner has been dubbed as the new Queen, or shall we say KING of cosmetics. It truly goes to show what a girl can do when she puts her mind to her goals, and truly loves herself the way every girl should.


  • From Music to Fashion : Coachella 2016 Staples : The Ultimate Festival Fashion Guide

    Posted on


    Sure everyone goes to festivals for the music, but in the past years, Coachella Music Festival particularly has grown to become one huge iconic fashion statement as well. With a continuous bohemian inspired theme in the outfit trends, there is still always an element of surprise with the different variations of touch amongst each attendees Coachella outfits.

    We've made a list of 10 music festival outfit staples this year.


    1. Crochet, and lots of it! You can't go wrong with crochet at a music festival. You will see it all from crochet skirts, to crochet shirts, and crochet dresses. 


    2. Lace. Have no fear, like we said earlier, you can LITERALLY wear ANYTHING and get away with it for Coachella. Black and lace are kinda a no brainer when it comes to looking dayum good. 


    3. Rompers. Lets face it, onesies are truly one of the most comfortable articles of clothing someone can own, and when you are on your feet dancing for three days straight, comfort is a necessity. Rompers are for sure a MUST for at least one of your festival days.

    Double Buckle Belt

    4. The Double Buckle Belt. Every girl needs this belt, it's the perfect piece to complete your boho western look.

    Floral Coachella Outfits

    5. There is something stunning about wearing white at a music festival. Yes, of course you will probably get it filthy, but in a crowd full of bright colors, there is nothing like a flowy white dress, or floral skirt that makes you completely stand out. Do you dare?


    6. A classic staple, of course you need the floppy hat. An easy piece that will be worn throughout the year again and again.


    7. Braids on braids on braids. There is no hotter hair trend right now than the good ole braid. Grab your bestie if you need some help, braids are IN!


    8. Mix up your days with a little bit of everything. Sometimes the most casual look is the most effortless and attention grabbing. 
    9. Put on a pair of mirrored colored sunnies, flare jeans, and a flowy bohemian crop top and you have yourself an outfit! 

    10. Last, but certainly not least you need a solid pair of comfortable shoes that not only look good, but are okay to walk a ton, & for dancing the night away. Get yourself a good pair of combat boots, western booties, or strappy bohemian sandals to match your outfit.


    Coachella is a weekend when you FINALLY have the upmost fashionable freedom. It is the weekend to wear the funky lip colors you have been dying to wear all year, and the weekend to dress like the bohemian princess you really are at heart. Now throw on those funky mirrored sunnies, stack up those accessories (the more the better), put on your dancing boots, grab your best friends, and hit the road!

    Let your spirit run wild, and your style be free.



  • When You're Ready...

    Posted on




    At Free Vibrationz we represent freedom and self empowerment, not just in fashion but in our everyday lives as well. 


    We’ve all been on social media and seen the countless posts about health, why this program is the best and why you need to do it now. When the truth is, there is no miracle program or tea. There are many ways to achieve health and happiness in your life, you just have to find out what is right for you.    


    One main obstacle I found in my journey towards a healthy lifestyle (and trust me, I’m still on that journey... Coffee is life!) was trying to get in shape for the wrong reasons. Whether it was for an upcoming vacation or for a special event, it was always  for someone or something to look good. Sure, I could lose a quick 5 in preparation for spring break, but the week after, I would put it right back on because my intentions were never about HEALTH.


    Then one day I decided I was ready for a true change. I started thinking about my future,  how I wanted to treat myself better and how I wanted to do it for ME. When this decision was made, everything just became easier. I started giving myself the nutrients it deserves and the cravings for all of the bad stuff mostly seemed to disappear. Sure, I still splurge every now and then, but its about balance, not being perfect. 


    Throughout this journey I have been learning that a healthy lifestyle isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. There is no rush to start your journey if you aren’t ready. When you are ready, maybe you want to start out slowly by cutting out sodas, breads, and sweets while making a conscious effort to drinking more water. Small changes like this can make a huge difference and are easy ways for you to start seeing improvements and building a better foundation. 


    I am looking forward to experiencing this new journey and hope you are too! When you’re ready...

  • How To Style Your Hair With A Hat

    Posted on

    If you are anything like me, you either live with your hair in a messy bun, or you're constantly trying to tame your wild manel! Sometimes I look at girls who ALWAYS have their hair styled perfectly and I wonder... How the heck do they do that, and even more so than that, where do they find the time?!

    Bree The Beauty Geek is here to tell you how! Bree is one of those girls who always manages to looks absolutely PERFECT, and she is here to share some of her secrets! Watch her latest video to see How To Style Your Hair With A Hat - 6 Styles Under 6 Minutes! 


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