MIA SHOES, aka MIA Clogs, was founded in 1976. That was when pop fashion (which was all the rage) turned to a more hippy and carefree style. After re-vamping the traditional Swedish clog for the music festival crowd, the company became the top-seller of Swedish clogs in the United States well into the early 1980s.

New, fashion-forward styles and classic favorites, have kept MIA Shoes growing stronger and becoming a footwear powerhouse. There many styles get women of all ages excited with classic sandals, playful heels and modern boots that are comfortable and made with the best quality.

MIA launched its leather-crafted Heritage Collection in 2014, creating the return to comfy, and casual styles that have earned MIA Shoes worldwide recognition for high-quality, unique footwear. The artful blends of Americana and utilitarian influences, features styles from block-style heels to wedges, boots and booties. The new line features modern as well as retro, original MIA styles

Although, the ever evolving trends have changed since the beginning of the Miami-based MIA over the years, the company’s leadership has been working hard consistently to make sure the brand thrives. In addition to CEO and founder Richard Strauss and wife Maria, the company’s fashion and marketing director, as well as top-management and designers have stayed with MIA Shoes for nearly twenty years. Today, MIA has a Miami corporate office, New York showroom, east and west coast distribution and an e-commerce site. MIA can be found all over the world from boutiques to major department stores.

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